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Foam pet bed with removable cushion padded with soft polyester fiber.
Outer fabric with resistant texture. Inner fabric in soft velvet.
Available in assorted colors.

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A FOAM SOFA PET BED for dogs or cats that will make your pet a very happy puppy. Give your furry friend a comfortable sofa bed in high quality foam rubber.

And what’s better than a kennel? A doghouse in the shape of a foam rubber sofa! Very spacious and comfortable, to give your 4-legged friend true luxury at every nap!

Our FOAM SOFA PET BED is a product designed and made to measure for pets.

The Bonfanti srl foam rubber bed is functional to give comfort to both the puppy and the owner.

The sofa-shaped kennel is made of foam rubber, a comfortable material that will make your dog or cat feel comfortable and pampered. The velvet that covers the inside of the kennel, in direct contact with your puppy, is a touch of elegance and extreme comfort. Velvet will make your cat or dog feel pampered, warm and always protected.

The cushion in soft polyester fiber is removable to allow you to easily extract and wash the cushion.

While inside the sofa bed is very soft and very comfortable, outside it is covered with a resistant fabric. In this way your sweet pet can enjoy his bed in peace and you will not have any worries.

If there is one feature that is indispensable for a pet bed, it is in fact resistance. Bonfanti srl assures you a long-lasting pet sofa bed, thanks to the use of quality materials and resistant fabrics designed for the pet world.

The choice is yours!

You can choose from the available sizes, depending on the size of your dog: small, medium and large.

In addition, you can indulge yourself in finding the color you like best among the range available: red, white and blue.

What are you waiting for? Give your pet the Bonfanti srl FOAM SOFA PET BED.

Bonfanti, friends of animals.

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