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SNUGGLE SACK PET BED. Dog sleeping sack with round base of 50 cm diameter padded with soft polyester fiber.
Upper part with inner side in fur.
Available in assorted colors.

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The SNUGGLE SACK PET BED is perfect for those puppies who love to feel pampered and protected at all times. Whether it’s a nap or a moment of refreshment, the kennel stuffed with soft polyester fiber gives your dog or your cat truly unforgettable moments. The comfort and softness of the polyester fiber will surely make your puppy happy.

At the same time, the sack shape will make your 4-legged friend feel safe and loved by his owner. The bag kennel has a round base with a diameter of 50 cm and is therefore spacious and welcoming.

This faux fur dog bed is extra-soft and super soft. Perfect for your pets, it can be placed on the floor of your home to give your puppy a space of his own. The bag-shaped kennel protects it from the cold during the winter and is an element that will not disturb the decor of your home. The bright colors and the round shape adapt perfectly to any type of furniture.

In addition, it is easily washable.

It is available in three sizes: small, medium and large.

The upper part of the sack kennel is in fur on the inside, to ensure warmth for your puppy.

It is available in assorted colors: light blue, pink and white. You choose the perfect color for your dog or cat.

One of the most important needs for cats and dogs is rest. By purchasing one of the Bonfanti srl SNUGGLE SACK PET BED, you ensure a quality rest for your pet. Our SNUGGLE SACK PET BED is a resistant, comfortable pet product suitable for dogs of all sizes. It is an indoor or outdoor kennel that guarantees a perfect resting place for your dog or cat. Give your furry puppy a luxurious relaxation at an unbeatable price.

Give him a product from the pet line of Bonfanti srl, a lover of animals.

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